Registration Information Packet Material
Want to fill out your registration information before coming in? No problem! Below you will find all of the information needed for your child to enroll. We are in this together, so let’s make life a little easier for you, by having these documents readily available to download.

Child Information Sheet: This document will have all of your child, and your information.

HIES Form: This form calculates your income and places your child into a ‘lunch bracket’, it’s only viewed by our administration, and never shared with staff or anyone beyond our administration team. EVERY PARENT is required to fill it out, regardless of income.

DHHS Agreement: This form is for anyone receiving DHHS Childcare Assistance, this form helps us acknowledge that you understand the co-pays associated with Childcare Assistance, and that you will be able to make those payments. (Please disregard if you are not receiving DHHS).

Client NonCompete Agreement: This form acknowledges that you will not solicit any HELC staff member for private services, nanny services, or to solicit them for your personal daycare.

HELC Tuition Contract: This form allows you to calculate your tuition rates, based on time your child is in the center, and the amount of days your child is in our care.

Parent Handbook: The HELC Parent Handbook, has everything you need to know about being a client of HELC! Please only return the last page, and keep the rest for your records.

Health Appraisal: You can bring this form into your child’s pediatrician, or you can have them fax or email a copy of their most recent health appraisal over to our office.

Waiver for Play Structure Usage: This waiver allows your child to play on the Castaway Play Cafe play structure during the times that Castaway is closed! It also remains on file so that your child may play when you and your family come and visit! Additional waivers for any minor outside of our care will need to be completed with the Castaway staff at Admissions, or online at Castaway’s Website!

HELC Form Verification Checklist: This form stays with your child’s folder to verify that we have given you all Center specific documents.

Information Collected Check Off Sheet: This form will help you make sure that you have every piece of documentation required by the State of Michigan, ready for enrollment!