Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Program
We use Creative Curriculum which is a play based curriculum. Creative Curriculum® is a forward-thinking, comprehensive, rigorously researched curriculum approach that honors creativity and respects the role that teachers play in making learning exciting and relevant for every child. For more information Click Here.

The HELC curriculum provides the opportunities for children of all ages to learn through discovery and play, form and maintain relationships, and express and regulate emotions, which we see as the cornerstones of school readiness. Daily experiences provide learning across all the developmental areas and provide a comprehensive approach to building cognitive, social, physical, language, and emotional skills. The HELC uses a unified-theme approach that is customized for the developmental needs of each age group and provides a variety of experiences to nurture the whole child. This allows them to learn social, communicative and behavioral skills needed to be successful in kindergarten.

The HELC’s curriculum is based on several key ideas:

  1. Children learn through play in both their learning experiences and their environment.
  2. Daily routines and meaningful experiences enhance children’s learning.
  3. Children develop every day in five main areas of development: health and physical development, social and emotional development, language development and communication, approaches to learning, and cognition and general knowledge.
  4. Literacy and language development are encouraged daily in the classroom.
  5. Opportunities for exploration and discovery encourage children to love learning.
  6. A strong classroom community—learning environment enables children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills.
  7. The teaching staff use developmentally appropriate practices in the classroom and take advantage of teachable moments.
  8. The teaching staff makes adjustments in their teaching to meet the strengths, needs and interests of individual children.
  9. Positive reinforcement and guidance is necessary for building relationships with children.
  10. Parent partnerships are a key ingredient to child care/school success.

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