Drop-in Child Care

In need of last minute child care or care while your center is closed or babysitter is on vacation – not a problem.  We’ve got it covered.  All we need is your child information card, immunization information and health appraisal faxed from your family doctor.

If they have something on file with us, it’s good for a year and you can participate in our drop-off care program at your convenience.  Our fax number is (517) 545-7366.

  • HELC provides flexible, hourly drop-in care for kids 6 weeks through 6 years.
  • Drop-in spots are currently offered during the weekdays from 6:00am – 6pm.
  • Parents need to provide all care-related items, including diapers, change of clothes, formula, etc.
  • Children who attend drop-in during the day will follow the “Daily Plan” of activities that we use for our Day School kids.
  • This is not a babysitting service. Our goal is to provide education and care while offering parents flexible, drop-in schedule options
    • Children are cared for by educators who exceed DCFS requirements for Lead/Assistant Teachers.
    • Children who attend drop-in care will be provided with developmentally appropriate learning activities, in addition to free-choice play and outdoor time.
    • Group size and teacher-child ratios always follow DCFS standards, at a minimum.
    • Health & safety requirements are strictly adhered to all day, every day.